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Book Review (The Organic Home Garden by Patrick Lima, Photographs by John Scanlan)

Bird Feeder

Book Writing

Winter Reading

The Final Numbers

Book Review (Newspaper, Pennies, Cardboard & Eggs for Growing a Better Garden by Roger Yepsen)

Straight into the Snow

Seed Exchange

Collecting Seeds (Walthum Butternut Squash)

Book Review (Gardening With Herbs for Flavor and Fragrance by Helen Morgenthau Fox)

100 Year Flood

Smoke Signals Popcorn

The "Perfect Pumpkin"


Fall Planting

Collecting Seed (Lettuce)

Cherokee Purple

Adirondack Blue

Collecting Seeds (Bush Beans)

Lemon Drop Tomato

Collecting Seed (Peas)

Entering the next phase



Book Review (Step by Step Organic Vegetable Gardening by Shepherd Ogden)


Of Like Mind

Bush Beans and Cucumbers