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Spring Has Sprung

Winter is finally loosing its grip on the landscape. The old timers have been claiming that it was the second coldest and fourth most snow in recorded history. Honestly I have not done the research to verify their claims but I am willing to bet they are not far off in their opinion. It was a bear of a winter.

Now I am in the process of trying to make up lost time. Seems like every time one job is finished another appears. I am certainly not complaining because I enjoy my time outside but it certainly has kept me busy.

To begin with, the hens we were watching for friends over the winter have gone back home. I already miss their delicious brown eggs. We still have our four leghorns but I am considering trying to re-home two of the birds because I recently purchased a barred rock pullet and an ameraucana pullet and the whole pecking order situation has really gotten a bit out of control. I feel that if I can break the group up a bit it may become more manageable. For the moment I have th…