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Poverty And Food

On March 23,2015 the Star Gazette released an article entitled, "Childhood Poverty Called Epidemic In New York Cities." Click on the following link to read the article.

For those of us who live in New York State, especially rural N.Y. this is not news. Poverty has very deep roots in some areas of the State. It is so common place that it is simply ignored on some level as being a given of day to day life. Though the article specifically addresses the childhood issues within N.Y. cities I can tell you as someone who lives in rural N.Y. that the numbers are no less staggering in small town America.

When one talks about poverty there are a few basic necessities that stand front and center in regards to self-preservation. One of those being food. When finances are stable or in excess I suppose that it is easy to occasionally put aside the importance of food but w…

Cold Winter

As winter progresses it is difficult to imagine an end to this weather. A turning point in which one can put spade and shovel in dark brown earth and begin the spring ritual of planting seed.

February gave us 15 days and nights in which we saw temperatures of 0 degrees Fahrenheit or less. One early morning caught my son and I off guard as the temperatures hovered around -20.

It is a time to hibernate of course. This winter that was easy to do as my fourth child, my third daughter was born on February 21st. She is as delicate as the weather and beautiful as her mother and I don't seem to mind the cold so much when I snuggle late at night with her.

In the morning, through dreary eye, I wake with my son and we take care of the rabbits and chickens. I am amazed at how tenacious animals are in this weather. Deep in their burrows of hay the rabbits don't seem to mind that their water bottles are solid ice. The chickens are eager to be let out of their coop regardless of the tempera…