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Chickens, Rabbits and Fruit Trees

We have been busy here at the Bossy Hen Homestead. After a household bout with the flu in February we were all eager to get outside and enjoy the unseasonably warm temperatures that have settled in southern New York State.

Our doe had a liter of six healthy rabbits so we went to work building a larger pen for her and her little family. It was a crash course in power tools since I bought a miter saw and a drill this winter. Previously I had been using hand tools that were long past their prime. (That is another very long story!)

The rabbits on our little homestead have been a focal point of late. One of our bucks passed away. We sold another at a local livestock auction. We have decided that we will keep a buck from the new liter. We then purchased a doe from a local farmers market to keep our bloodlines strong. Though our established doe and buck are doing rather well at some point it will be time to let them retire. They have really made me appreciate how lucky we are to have such h…