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Learn Something New Every Year

We have been very busy here of late at Whitaker Gardens. Flexibility has been the key and if the truth be told I have had to figure that out the hard way at times.

As is normally the case in May the weather has been temperamental. 80 degrees with high humidity has been followed by early spring temperatures of 60 degrees with near freezing at night. I still am working on my "garden muscles" and have found myself spent when working in the peak heat of the hotter days this month. A blatant reminder to work early in the day and evening and to rest in the mid afternoon heat. I have been trying to get a jump on the final planting this weekend, fingers crossed, by putting in some hours while the temps. have remained low. I am curious to see what sort of impact all the rabbit manure will have this year.

The lilacs were in full bloom early in the month and our trees were heavy with both scent and flowers. The garlic and shallots were making headway and the leeks took to the cold soi…