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Book Review (The Organic Home Garden by Patrick Lima, Photographs by John Scanlan)

About this time of year I become a regular at my local library signing out gardening books in an effort to add to my bag of tricks. Recently I came across a book that I would like to add to my personal library. I just finished reading The Organic Home Garden (How to grow fruits and vegetables naturally) by Patrick Lima with photographs by John Scanlan. This 160 page book released by Firefly Books was a truly enjoyable read.

On occasion one will read a book that really strikes a chord within. This particular book did so. It's philosophy in regards to land stewardship was completely relatable and more importantly presented in a practice that is completely obtainable. Just like the author I happen to live in zone 5 so while reading The Organic Home Garden I was able to directly relate to the process from seed to harvest, no pun intended. I think what also makes this book a pleasure to read is that Patrick Lima talks specifically about what he does best rather than trying to expand t…

Bird Feeder

We all the know the benefit of having birds in the garden. Yes they do occasionally eat seed but they are also invaluable in regards to eating garden pest. So I thought I would pass along a nice winter project that you could work on with your children to help keep your birds fed through the winter. A couple of months ago my kids built a few simple bird feeders that now hang from a lilac bush outside of our dining room window. It has brought all sorts of beautiful bright feathered guest to our home. Cardinals, blue jays and black capped chickadees just to name a few.

These particular bird feeders are extremely easy to build. First thing you need to do is find some large pine cones. Take some twine and tie it to the top of the pine cone. Then cover the pine cone in peanut butter and then roll the peanut butter covered pine cone in bird seed. The peanut butter acts like an edible glue and the pine cone is covered in seed. Then simply hang the pine cones from the branch of your favorite…

Book Writing

"Easy reading is damn hard writing." ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

It has been some time since I have written publicly and for that I apologize. It is with good reason though. While the winds become progressively colder and the days shorter both in temper and sunlight I have been focusing my energy towards the long term goal of writing a gardening book.

I have spent the past couple of winters digesting some fantastic material through the public library and as gifts from friends and relatives who are kind enough to feed my addiction to gardening. I have also read a few that have left me feeling a little cheated after I put the book down. It has occurred to me for some time now though that there is an angle that is missing that I think should and could be addressed if properly presented. So with that said I am eventually going to throw my hat in the public arena with some written material of my own. I am aiming for spring 2013 to be finished with it.

In the meantime I will eventuall…