Book Review (The Organic Home Garden by Patrick Lima, Photographs by John Scanlan)

About this time of year I become a regular at my local library signing out gardening books in an effort to add to my bag of tricks. Recently I came across a book that I would like to add to my personal library. I just finished reading The Organic Home Garden (How to grow fruits and vegetables naturally) by Patrick Lima with photographs by John Scanlan. This 160 page book released by Firefly Books was a truly enjoyable read.

On occasion one will read a book that really strikes a chord within. This particular book did so. It's philosophy in regards to land stewardship was completely relatable and more importantly presented in a practice that is completely obtainable. Just like the author I happen to live in zone 5 so while reading The Organic Home Garden I was able to directly relate to the process from seed to harvest, no pun intended. I think what also makes this book a pleasure to read is that Patrick Lima talks specifically about what he does best rather than trying to expand the volume with conjecture and loose theory. Like all gardeners Patrick has had some success and some failure and has learned from both so all the practices mentioned within are a direct result of years of practice.

If you are interested in gaining useful knowledge that can immediately be applied to next season's garden plot I would highly recommend The Organic Home Garden by Patrick Lima.

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