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Borage which is also known as starflower, bee plant or bee bread is a culinary herb that is rather easy to establish from seed even in northern gardens.

The leaves and flowers of the plant are edible containing a taste similar to cucumber. In our household we use the flowers for a wide range of dishes ranging from rice to salad. Visually it is a nice way to enhance an otherwise bland serving and the flavor it provides is a nice surprise for the taste buds.

Borage has a fair share of vitamin C, a natural anti-oxidant, and vitamin A which is not only good for your skin and vision but is also believed to help the body protect against lung and oral cancers. Starflowers also contains an omega-6 fatty acid that helps with joint health and ones immunity.

As you can see there are a ton of health benefits associated with the leaves and flowers of this stunning plant. Aside from that it is also a beautiful addition to ones garden. Certainly worth a try if you are looking for something new in y…