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The Year in Review

For the past three days the weather has been wonderful. It has been in the high 50's and though a little cloudy no real rain to speak of outside of this morning. The beautiful weather provided ample time for our family to catch up on some work on the urban micro-farm that we affectionately call "Whitaker Gardens".

Our mailman graciously gave our family some organic garlic from his garden and shortly thereafter our neighbors, who have a nice garlic patch themselves, gave us four varieties of garlic for our gardens. So my son and I planted nearly 150 cloves that shall sprout in 2015. We carried wheelbarrow loads of fallen leaves from the nearby forest to the gardens and covered the garlic beds and then put the rest down on the soil that has yet to be worked over to add organic matter.

This year we also planted green manure at the suggestion of some family friends. We planted red clover which is extremely helpful to the soils health and consistency. I have spent a better p…

Backyard Chickens

"A farm today means 100,000 chickens in a space the size of a Motel 6 shower stall."
~ P.J. Rourke ~

Those of you who have read "Seed to Harvest" in the past know that responsible self-sufficiency is important to our family. I am a firm believer that self-sufficiency and the opportunity to provide food for oneself or their family is a human right. One has to be neighborly of course and make sure their animals are not a nuisance or a public health hazard but if one is practicing responsible husbandry than those issues should not even be a factor. Backyard chickens provide an opportunity to continue that philosophy.

One may be surprised to know that there are drastic health differences in a factory farm egg compared to "backyard" eggs. As an example we have all heard that eggs contain far too much cholesterol for a healthy diet. You may be interested to know that only half the cholesterol present in factory eggs happens to be found in backyard eggs. I some…