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A Bully In The Hen House

Among chickens a pecking order is a natural occurrence. I have to admit that the first time I witnessed a performance among my hens for dominance it was slightly disturbing simply because it entailed far more aggression than I had imagined.
My family had four young leghorns at the time and we introduced four new hens to the flock. There was an immediate scuffle between each “groups” top bird. The winner then took on the next challenger and this lasted sporadically for about three days. Eventually a routine and a “pecking order” was established and life was easy.
Recently I decided to add a beautiful Americana and, one of my favorites, a barred rock to our established flock which currently consist of four leghorns. The leghorns did not take kindly to the new birds. For nearly two weeks they harassed the other hens but what I began to notice was that it was being instigated by one hen in particular. She would create a bit of a frenzy and would peck to the point of blood being drawn. …