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Book Review of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

Homesteading is not a stagnant lifestyle. It is constantly evolving. Each step is a genuine mystery that has a tendency to unfold unexpectedly thus leading us to another interesting pursuit.

The knowledge that we gain along the way is as important as any harvest. In hind sight I am able to gauge specific instances in which my stride lengthens momentarily. Every so often I discover a book or an author who displays information in a manner that resonates to the root of my soul yet until reading their literature I had been unable to find a voice for the specific notion.

I recently had the wonderful opportunity to read such a book. Though written nearly 10 years ago I read it for the first time this month. I am talking about Animal, Vegetable, Miracle ~A Year of Food Life~ by Barbara Kingsolver.

An amazing book. The general premise is that the authors family of four move from the food desert of Arizona to the lush farmland of southern Appalachia and decide to eat local and raise their own…