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A Peace of Mind on a Piece of Land

A soft rain falls. The lavender bloom of the lilac tree offers a warm contrast beyond my window which frames both gray sky and perpetually wet twig and leaves.

My garden was slightly ignored last season as I explored the shallow world of politics. Fortunately for me it was patiently waiting for my return like a faithful hound carefree of potential abandonment. The solace of my space has taken on a new urgency for a number of reasons this season.

I am currently reading The Gift of Good Land by Wendell Berry. It is a collection of essays both social and agriculture from the 1970's and sadly a number of the concerns expressed still hold true today. It has of course offered inspiration to continue my own ventures though. Reminding me why I garden in the manner that I do. It is for mother nature, health, politics, therapy, pride, self-sufficiency and most importantly for family. It is the flower in the barrel of a gun. The protest of virtue among the bitter fruit of greed. It is pra…

Planting Potatoes

Attached you will find the first in what will hopefully become numerous video entries in regards to our gardens. My 7 year old is filming while my 3 and 5 year olds help out in the garden. Overall I would have to say for a first attempt it came out rather well. It will be fun to see our technique improve over the next few months.

There were a few things that I left out on the video that are worth mentioning. We have been feeding our potato beds for a few seasons with compost from kitchen scraps as well as rabbit and cow manure. Potatoes like well composted soil.

Rather than double up on something that I have already covered I thought that it would make more sense to provide a link from a post I wrote a few years ago in regards to the Adirondack Blue potato.

The other variety that we planted this year is the Yukon Gold. This particular potato is the "gold" standard for mashed potatoes.

As mentioned in the video…