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Autumn Yawning

"Autumn. . . the year's last, loveliest smile" ~William Cullen Bryant~
The signs of autumn are beginning to appear. Slowly, without urgency, the trees are beginning to lose their summer green to the more pronounced pageantry of fall. It began as a slow trickle with only a leaf or two showing any signs of moving toward the season of harvest and now the transformation is widespread and apparent. Before we know it the hills with be alive with crimson, gold and maroon foliage.
Though there is certainly some time left in the garden for things such as harvesting herbs and peppers the weather is changing and with it another season begins to show signs of slumber.

It was a peculiar year. I hesitate to complain due to the massive droughts being experienced out west but this was one of the wettest years I remember. I am shocked that it has not resulted in any flooding as it has in the past. I mention the moisture not to point out that I literally only had to water my garden twice…