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Garden Therapy

"At the bottom of freshly dug holes, I bury my problems alongside the waxen seeds.” ~Kelseyleigh Reber~

In the garden we connect with that which is deeply rooted in our primal past. The same ground is certainly a reflection of our divine meditation cast upon the field with aspirations of harvest. Among the soil one will find ants collecting in their armor and worms twisting blind and soft through the muck. The same cool breathe of wind that stirs the grass to sing touches the sweltering brow of the gardener on a hot July afternoon.  Nature offers a siren song to heal the wounded soul.

A garden holds a mirror to our very being. It is a both a place of immense beauty and promise as well as a sanctuary of endless decay. Both blossom and shit share the same lush landscape and neither can claim the crown without the other.

With that said there is a peace found within the toil of seed and shovel that cannot be found anyplace else, this I swear to you. Science may speak of a decreas…

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