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The Right To Raise Your Own Food

I have been considering how to approach this subject for sometime. When one lifts a knee to stand upon their soapbox they run the risk of simply looking and sounding silly if their discourse lacks a solid foundation. After much thought I decided that the best approach would simply be an honest account of my intentions with the hope that anyone who has planted a seed or raised an animal could relate.

For those of you who regularly read Seed To Harvest (thank you!) you may remember a piece I published last year called Urban Livestock. It described our experience with raising rabbits,chickens and Pygmy goats in a suburban/urban environment. Not long after this article went up on our blog I received a knock at the door from a local code enforcer. I live in a reasonably small town so I happen to know the gentleman who was at my front door. Basically, in a very apologetic manner, he quickly flashed some paperwork which stated I was violating a local code and that the goats and chickens wou…

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