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Right Below Your Nose

When I was a 5 year old child I lived in the very busy city of Harrisburg Pennsylvania. My parents apartment was one of a few hundred packed tightly among the concrete and exhaust. The elementary school I attended, E.H. Philips, was a short walk from our front door. On the way was a very small patch of earth that had crab grass and small trees that had been planted in nice neat rows so that the lawnmowers could weave in and out of them.

One fine morning while making my way to school I noticed a talkative bird in one of the trees nearest to me. Without going into every detail of my adventure lets just say this, I never made it to class that day. The scolding robin lead me to discover all sorts of interesting natural treasures that I chose to explore all day long. In fact I was returned from my exploration when I noticed some of my classmates walking home that afternoon. I casually made my way back to the apartment recounting all that I had discovered only to find my mother was waiting…

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