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Earth Day and Birthdays

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." ~Native American Proverb

As most people are aware yesterday was Earth Day, though we all know everyday is Earth Day, I hope. What far fewer people are most likely aware of is that it was my youngest daughters birthday as well.

We started the morning off going to the local farmers market, Frog Pond Farms, and purchased a few items for the garden. Some of the veggies and herbs are still a couple of weeks away from being put in the ground but that is alright. Afterwards we took a quick peek at the animals, the chickens and guinea hens, the geese and the sheep, goats and pigs. . . . we skipped the turkeys this week though as my son got a little too close to the pen on our last trip and was reminded to back up with a sharp peck on the finger.

When we got home I spent about a half hour finalizing the main garden removing grass and adding compost. Though it was a bit chilly my oldest daughter and my s…

In Forgotten Corners

Today was a beautiful day outside. The birds are a spectacle of song and dance as they try desperately to attract a mate in this early spring. The breeze rolled along the bare limbs of trees and their adolescents leaves, slowly unfolding, shy and quiet. The grass is quickly turning a dark green replacing the brown spoils of winter snow and dark skies.

I was a bit under the weather and stayed home from work today. Sitting on the stones by the main garden bed I watched our new puppy, Kermit, and our terrier, Belle, enjoy the new freedom of a thin wire rabbit fence. My children ran through the yard barefoot for the first time in months and their smiles and laughter were contagious, even our youngest who has a belly ache like her Papa.

My wife began working on her flower and herb gardens in earnest while we all enjoyed a rich diet of Vitamin D. Through her hard work she discovered what we believe are two blackberry plants that were hidden in the briars along the boundary of our yard. Ther…

Movie Review (FOODMATTERS)

"Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine by thy food." Hippocrates

Recently I have had a number of friends recommend this film. Now that I have had a chance to view this film I am glad that they did and wish that I had sat down to watch it sooner.

This 80 minute documentary is a series of interviews with nutritionist,naturopaths,scientist, M.D.'s and medical journalist. Some of the most notable interviews in my opinion are with Ph. D, Therapeutic Nutrition Specialist and author, Andrew W Saul and founder of the Gerson Institute, Charlotte Gerson.

Foodmatters reinforces what many of us know in regards to the health industry, that of course our health is the last point of interest for these machines of profit. The film covers a wide variety of health related topics, specifically;
How to use food as medicine
Who needs vitamins?
Is organic better?
How safe is our food?
Natural treatments for lowering Cholesterol
Foods that fight Anxiety and Depression
Natural therapies for Can…

Breaking Ground

"Did you ever think how a bit of land shows the character of the owner?" Laura Ingalls Wilder

I love the early spring when the waking ground is a blank canvas for the artistry of gardening. I see green leaves and vibrant flowers where there is only brown grass and earth at the moment. If you close your eyes you can almost imagine that summer is close at hand, almost.

I am kind of scared to mention how nice the weather was today for fear of being put back into place by one last snow storm. With that said though the sun was out today and warmed the soil on one side of the house long enough for the kids and I to get our shovels into the dirt and break new ground.

We have already had some set backs, for instance the eggplant seeds never really took and the cat ate the majority of the healthy broccoli sprouts but that did not deter us and we eagerly set to work in the yard preparing for what we hope is going to be a bountiful harvest in 2011.

As I was working in the backyard my nei…