Earth Day and Birthdays

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." ~Native American Proverb

As most people are aware yesterday was Earth Day, though we all know everyday is Earth Day, I hope. What far fewer people are most likely aware of is that it was my youngest daughters birthday as well.

We started the morning off going to the local farmers market, Frog Pond Farms, and purchased a few items for the garden. Some of the veggies and herbs are still a couple of weeks away from being put in the ground but that is alright. Afterwards we took a quick peek at the animals, the chickens and guinea hens, the geese and the sheep, goats and pigs. . . . we skipped the turkeys this week though as my son got a little too close to the pen on our last trip and was reminded to back up with a sharp peck on the finger.

When we got home I spent about a half hour finalizing the main garden removing grass and adding compost. Though it was a bit chilly my oldest daughter and my son were right on top of things and immediately began working the soil with a rake and hoe as I added compost. I enjoy gardening to begin with but working with the both of them is such a treat. They genuinely love it and have so many good questions and keep me on my toes because as we all know you can't get much by a curious mind.

After a brief break my wife helped construct a trellis for the peas out of some apple tree branches that had been pruned earlier in the spring and then began working on her flower gardens out front of the house. Sophia and I then went and planted some spinach seed, two varieties of lettuce from seed, red and white onion bulbs and some shallots. We also planted two varieties of peas, one is a British pea called green arrow and the other was from our own seed stock, the yellow snap pea from India.

Looking out the window I am not sure how much work we will get done today as it is pouring rain, a very cold rain. But that is alright all in all yesterday was a very good day. Lots of gardening, lots of cakes and tons of laughter and smiles.


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