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Some of my earliest memories of gardening revolve around raiding the pea patch. I can still remember the excitement of cracking open a pod and eating the sweet peas within. The sound of the birds and wind traveling through the pines that surrounded the garden still fills my mind with pleasant memories. I can recall lugging the watering can from my grandfathers hose to the pea plot while the cool aluminum struck my thigh every other step as cold water soaked my sneakers. Those days in the pea patch nearly four decades ago left such an imprint that one of the first things I grew in my own garden was a pea patch.

For a number of years I have grown yellow snap peas. This year though I took a different route and dug out a section of the garden for shell peas. Something I have not had in the garden for far too long. I purchased an English dwarf variety from Fedco seeds out of Maine. I have not been disappointed they are wonderful! In fact my oldest daughter told me she thought that they ta…