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Black Turtle Beans

There is evidence that the native people of what is now Peru and Mexico were cultivating beans nearly 9,000 years ago. Our families history with the bean is not nearly as established but about three years ago our family did begin growing black turtle beans in our garden. We ordered the seeds from Fedco-Seeds out of Waterville Maine.

There were a number of reasons that we began growing these particular beans. To begin with we eat a ton of rice and beans and it simply made sense financially to grow our own rather than paying a dollar a can multiple times a week. Second, who really knows where these beans are coming from that we are buying in the grocery store. Third, we wanted to attempt to increase our food storage for the fall and winter seasons. The majority of our garden provides fresh eating during spring, summer and even early fall but as we roll into the lean months aside from some popcorn, canned items and a small freezer full of veggies and fruit we …

How To Plant Garlic

We have been growing garlic since day one in our garden. We have had great success with it and I believe that most home gardeners will find it a worthwhile pursuit.
The first thing that you want to do, as with all your crops, is prepare the soil. Remember that you are not necessarily feeding your plants but the soil itself. Healthy soil equals healthy plants. We use green compost which is a mixture of kitchen scraps such as veggie and fruit leftovers and any number of plant materials from our lawn that have been in the compost bin for months on end. We also have a rabbit and she graciously adds endless amounts of manure to our soil as well.
I admittedly jump the gun on occasion and plant in early October but really in my neck of the woods I should be waiting until at least November to plant my cloves. You want to plant your individual cloves with the “hard” side down in the soil. Plant them 4 to 8 inches apart and cover them with soil. The thing to keep in mind is that the closer toge…