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Titan Sunflowers

A few of our neighbors have complimented us on our sunflowers this year. I have to admit it is nice to occasionally have your ego stroked. In the past we had a small sunflower bed in the far corner of our property and usually tried to stagger the plot by size and color. This year we grew our sunflowers right in the main garden. We chose a breed from the Seed Savers Exchange called “Titan”. The review claimed that they could reach nearly 14 feet with heads that may span close to 2 feet across. Our corn and our sunflowers have created a bit of a natural fence between our property and our closest neighbor and they help add a level of comfort to our already cozy lawn.

We also chose this particular breed because they produce delicious seed for consumption and are heirloom so as long as everything goes well we should end up with more seed than we know what to do with. Some of my gardening friends may be getting seeds in their stockings for Christmas this year.

As for harvesting your sunflo…

Corn (2)

“I have no hostility to nature, but a child's love to it. I expand and live in the warm day like corn and melons." Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is that time of year again! As I drive home from work through the beautiful rolling hills of rural New York I must pass at least four or five road side stands selling fresh ears of corn. I never stop though because in our back yard we have our second generation of Bantam Sweet Corn growing.

We have already had a few meals with some young corn but last night my son and I went out into the garden and gathered cherry tomatoes, carrots and corn. Now it is a race against time, I have a feeling every meal from here on out is going to have some delicious cobs, buttered and salted to perfection! It looks as though we should have enough maize to freeze a couple of cobs for later in the year also.

Originally we got our Bantam seeds from the Seed Savers Exchange. We have already picked out a few ears to save as seed for next year, which will be our th…

Collecting Seed

“One for the rock, one for the crow, One to die, and one to grow.”
- English saying

We are in the process of collecting the seed from our current garden for next year. This is always an exciting time for us. As all gardeners know all the hard work in the world cannot hold off Mother Nature so you hold your breath and hope that everything went alright and that your heirlooms produced strong seed for the season to follow. Deep inside you know that the fall harvest is right around the corner and it will be time for sweaters and knit hats before you know it.

So far it looks as though things have gone pretty good for us. There were a few disappointments due to poor planning and pest but for the most part I am very satisfied. Our golden peas produced nearly half a pound of seed which means next year the 3rd generation planting will be all our own seed stock. We have marked a few particular stalks of corn to save specifically for seed. Last year three ears of corn gave us about a mason jar f…


“All gardeners live in beautiful places, because they make them so.”
- Joseph Joubert

This is the first year that we have grown celery in our garden. We used transplants from the local farmers market, Frog Pond. Initially it looked like we may experience some problems with the plants because they had a bit of difficulty taking to the new soil. But they eventually developed firm roots and we have some fresh celery to show for it.

I have to admit that I have never been a huge fan of celery but my wife’s enthusiasm for the veggie is slowly changing my opinion. We have used it in salads at this point but plan on dehydrating some to use in soups and stews later in the year.

Celery holds a lot of health benefits as well. The leaves contain Vitamin A while the stalks are a great source of B1, B2, and B6. Celery also has a bit of Vitamin C in it too. Celery contains natural organic sodium that even folks with salt sensitivities are able to consume. This member of the parsley family helps contr…