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Your Gardens Health

Eight years ago I planted a garden with my family. It has slowly spread its roots all through our tiny 1/16th acre. In fact it struck me the other day that we may have officially graduated from gardeners to micro-farmers.

We were conscious from the very beginning that it was important to grow food in a manner that would be healthy not only for our bodies but for our small corner of soil as well. After all our yard is simply a microcosm within the much larger context of the world macrocosm.

Our family has attempted to work within the framework of nature. I suppose some would say we incorporate a combination of permaculture, biodynamic gardening and some good old fashioned common sense in regards to our gardening techniques.

For example we have embraced the local wildlife as part of our responsibilities as land stewards rather than foes to be eradicated. The first two years that we had a garden we did not even have fence around our property. The rabbits who lived in the neighboring for…