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From Seed To Table Project Update

The Seed To Table Project was started as a homeschooling activity for my three young children. In a world filled with short attention spans and the soft humm of technology I felt it was important to nurture the strong connection my children possessed with the green Earth.

Though the project is still in its infancy it has provided us with some extremely interesting learning opportunities. As I have mentioned in previous post we significantly increased the size of the garden and that in itself has created both early success and failure. One of the difficulties exist in the fact that the soil has not neccesarily recieved the same amount of nourishment as the pre-existing garden space so the soil is a bit more compact and clay like in nature, especially after a hard rain. Due to this some of the young plants have had a tough time getting established. Of course the so called weeds have had no problem flourishing. This has reinforced the notion of healthy soil with the kids though and h…