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Book Review (The Gift of Good Land-Further Essays Cultural and Agricultural by Wendell Berry)

“A corporation, essentially, is a pile of money to which a number of persons have sold their moral allegiance.” Wendell Berry
I am fortunate in that I have very generous friends. This winter I turned 40 and two friends of mine bought me a number of books I had been interested in reading as a gift.

I recently finished reading the second book they purchased for me which is The Gift of Good Land- Further Essays Cultural and Agricultural by Wendell Berry. The majority of this 281 page book consist of essays written in the 1970’s. Sadly a large number of the issues covered in this amazing piece of literature still hold true today.

The book consist of twenty-four essays that range from his exploration of ancient American agriculture in the Peruvian highlands that have successfully fed locals for at least 4,500 years to the American Amish farm experience.

There tends to be a common thread to all of his essays. Mr. Berry expresses in no uncertain terms that modern agriculture, or agribusine…

Golden Purslane

A few years ago my wife pointed out the wild purslane naturally growing in our garden. I tried it and found it to be rather mild so continued to eat it whenever I discovered it in the garden with our vegetables. Two or three years ago I found that Fedco Seed ( as well as a small handful of other companies offered seed for golden purslane. I ordered some from Fedco and have been growing more and more of it ever since.

Purslane is an interesting plant. Both Gandhi and Thoreau ate it. Knowing the health benefits of this small succulent I can understand why someone such as Gandhi would have eaten it. It is a good source of vitamin C and B-complex vitamins such as niacin. It is a major source of vitamin A and omega-3 fatty acids which are normally linked with eating fish. So if you are a vegetarian or simply do not eat a lot fish this is a great little plant to consider as part of your diet.

I have found it to be reasonably easy to grow. It takes up very littl…