Book Review (Newspaper, Pennies, Cardboard & Eggs for Growing a Better Garden by Roger Yepsen)

Newspaper, Pennies, Cardboard & Eggs for Growing a Better Garden by Roger Yepsen and the Editors of Organic Gardening contains over 400 ideas for year long gardening.

I enjoy Yepsen's work. He is also responsible for "A Celebration of Heirloom Vegetables", "Berries" and "Apples". This particular book is a reasonably quick read for 346 pages. The format reminds me of a blog to be truthful. The entries are short and to the point. Due to the quick pace of this book it is easy to read it in a matter of a few sittings.

The book is broken up into ten chapters ranging from seed starting and saving to tools, supports and storage. It touches on the theory of biodynamic gardening via lunar phases (without labeling it as such) and making your own compost bin. It provides advice on healthier houseplants and Asian eggplants. Color schemes for flower beds and how to replace a broken handle on your most trusted garden shovel. On some level I may not be doing this book justice. Though it is not my all time favorite gardening book it is a valuable resource that deserves a spot on any gardener book shelf. There is a little something for everyone. Even though it does not directly effect me it was still interesting to read about some creative stonework to solve landscaping problems. On the other hand I was introduced to some interesting ideas that I plan on attempting to incorporate into next years garden project. For example creating an environment for beneficials to exist on our plot or looking into heirloom flower bulbs and solar water fountains.

I'm sure your local library could get a copy of this book for you to check out. Be warned though once you pick it up it is hard to put down. If you want to by pass that step and simply get your own copy I am sure you can go directly to the publisher, Rodale, and get a copy at

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