Cherokee Purple

The Cherokee Purple is another of the seven heirloom tomatoes that we are growing this year. Only one of the seven happen to be a plant we have had in the garden previously so we are still trying to determine which tomatoes are right for our garden in regards to disease resistance, harvest and so on.

Visually they are really beautiful fruit. They caught my wife's eye right off the bat. Last week was the first time I have eaten one and when I first cut it open I was a little hesitant, it looked like a soggy mess to be completely honest with you. With that said though I ate it raw with some chicken breast and it was absolutely amazing! It was meaty,sweet and delicious and I simply could not stop eating it. So far the Lemon Drop cherry tomatoes and the Cherokee Purple (both from the Seed Savers Exchange) have made the cut.

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  1. Cherokee Purple is a big favorie here as well, I also love yellow pear and Sundrop tomatoes. I have discovered that the late blight [potato blight] does not seem to affect the yellow varieties as badly as it does the pink and red varieties. Our Lemon Boys have managed to survive [with copper sprays] until frost.


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