Summer Squash

This year was an experimental year in many regards so some of the more traditional plants that I usually grow were stuck on the outskirts of my property. To an extent they were treated with the attitude that if they grew it would be a bonus and if they did not no big deal.

Our yellow summer squash fell into this category this year. Last season it had a sunny spot in the garden and received a ton of attention. Truth be told I could not keep up with the squash, after a certain point they just took over that particular section of dirt and by the end of the year there were humungous yellow gourds littering the patch. Their hard empty shells remained evident through out the long winter.

Well this year I thought that since they were so hardy I would put them in no mans land while trying some new veggies in the main plot. The effect was obvious. The plants have only recently started producing fruit and not many of them to boot. The plants are not in the best of soil and receive little sunlight in regards to meeting their daily needs. The plan is next year to build a small raise bed in this section of yard so we will see how things go when the time comes.

Now the little bit we have been able to get this year is delicious to say the least. Hit them with some steam add a pinch of butter and a touch of salt & pepper and you are good to go!

Summer squash is a great source of fiber and even has a bit of calcium and potassium as well. They also provide you with a bit of Vitamin C and beta-carotene which basically acts like Vitamin A and is a great antioxidant. Beta-carotene helps with the eyes, skin disorders and protects against toxins.


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