Red Onion

Recently we were able to harvest some of our red onion crop. An onion fresh from the garden is truly a treat. A nice red onion can turn an ordinary hamburger or garden salad into a zesty meal.

While researching the onion I was stunned at the health benefits to be honest with you. It turns out that the more potent the onion the healthier it may be for you since it posses the greatest concentration of health promoting phytochemicals. Societies that tend to eat greater amounts of onions than others tend to have a drastic decline in stomach cancer and it seems to help in the fight against colon cancer. Onions also contain a number of sulfides which are believed to lower blood pressure. Interestingly enough even the act of crying from cutting an onion plays a beneficial role by releasing toxins from the body. Red onions also have a positive effect on your blood sugar level and help in overall bone health…what’s not to like?


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