Purple Bush Bean

This year we attempted to do a few things different in our garden. First we decided to try our hand at heirloom veggies. Second we decided to spice things up visually as well. We wanted the food on our plate to be as appetizing in appearance as it was delicious for the palate. That is where the purple bush bean comes in. These beans are a real beauty and they taste absolutely amazing. I was surprised at how sweet they taste when eaten raw. They do lose their color when blanched but they do not loose a lot of flavor if prepared properly.

The purple bush beans are ready to harvest in about 50-55 days. The trick with beans is to make sure you do not allow them to fully produce all their flowers at once this way they continue to fruit longer because they still have a job to accomplish. As mentioned earlier with the dragon beans they are a good source of nitrogen for your soil and are a moderate source of protein, daily fiber and vitamin C.


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