A film review (The Future of Food)

Recently I viewed a documentary called The Future of Food. I believe that it was released around 2004 or so. The film basically chronicles the biotech revolution and its quiet emergence as part of the American food supply over the past decade. It is an alarming movie to say the least. Very quickly the viewer is able to start piecing together health issues that are a direct result of tampering with the genetic code of our food supply. The films website sums it up perfectly by calling it the largest biological experiment in history.

This film is about more than just the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that are being put on our tables. It shows the very human side of this struggle in terms of the farmers who are losing everything, their retirements, their good name, and their crops to the patent hungry multinationals who are forcefully taking over the market.

I read a review of this film that said “If you eat food you need to watch this movie”. I highly recommend it, one cannot walk away unaffected by the material presented. It is a subject everyone should be made aware of.


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