Movie Review (Vanishing of the Bees)

Unfortunately most of us who are stewards of the land are familiar with the term Colony Collapse Disorder. The 2011 documentary Vanishing of the Bees deals specifically with this subject. For the most part the film follows commercial bee keepers David Hackenburg and Dave Mendes as they try to deal with the ever present issue by addressing not only leading scientist but politicians in Washington and other hive owners all across the globe.

My only gripe about the film is that I feel that they could have been more aggressive in their assertion of the root of the problem. There seems to be this lingering idea that they think it can be traced back to pesticides and other products of the agriculture business but supposedly they are not sure. That is only my two cents.

With that said for the most part it was a well done documentary that addresses the elephant in the room, so to speak, and by the end of the film I think most people will not only be greatly concerned but will even secretly dream of an organic bee hive in their own back yard.

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