A Few More Greens

Currently we are in a stage where we have more greens than we are able to keep up with. Aside from the delicious romaine I mentioned in a previous post we have also harvested a very mild Yugoslavian Red Butterhead lettuce, Five Color Silverbeet and a nice Rhubarb Red Swiss chard.

The butterhead is another one of this years veggies that we are going to attempt to save seed from but the chard is not necessarily something I am going to try gather a seed stock from this year. From what I have been reading it is a two year process and I am not sure that I am at that stage yet. There are actually a few items in the garden that take a few years to get seed from, once I have a little more experience under my belt I will attempt to save seed from items that are a bit longer. Maybe next year?

Regardless of seed saving plans the greens are delicious. We have been adding all of the leafy vegetables to our salads for a real treat to the palate. I would recommend any of the above mentioned varieties for your garden.


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