A Day In The Garden

"I say, if your knees aren't green by the end of the day, you ought to seriously
reexamine your life.”
- Calvin and Hobbes

This has been an absolutely fantastic fathers-day. A delicious breakfast of fresh blueberries, organic maple syrup and homemade pancakes, along with chocolate-raspberry coffee, then out to spend the day in the garden while the kids laugh and play on their new swing set.

Part of my morning ritual is to walk the gardens and look for new signs of life. The yellow snap peas are out in full bloom. They have been a cornerstone of our garden for a few years now. Originally from India, these beautiful six foot plants are covered in lavender flowers that eventually turn into a delicious yellow pod.

The bush beans and the Lima beans are starting to flower as well and it should not be too soon before they are producing fruit. We even found a few really immature peaches on our dwarf peach tree, fingers crossed.

My oldest daughter and I transplanted the last of the bell peppers. My son helped to spread compost in between the rows of popcorn and my wife and I weeded the main garden, every inch of the 10x60 foot garden by hand. I take great satisfaction not only in the ability to overhaul such a large spread but also the fact that I intimately know every nook and cranny of my patch.

This was a great day!

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