Sweet Corn

Last year our corn was really nothing to write home about this year though now that is another story. The stalks are easily over 6 feet tall with some really nice ears. Our neighbors were nice enough to contribute some manure to our cause and we switched growing sites all of which I am sure helped tremendously. I make a concerted effort to grow organic and I feel like the plants rewarded us this year. We got our seeds from “The Seed Savers Exchange” in Iowa and they are heirloom so we are leaving a few ears on the stalk to prepare for next season.

Corn it turns out is high in Vitamin B1 and B5 as well as folate. Folate helps prevent birth defects in the fetus stage and also helps the cardiovascular system. Corn happens to be a good source of Vitamin C and dietary fiber also so boil a couple cobs and hit it with the butter!


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