Book Review (The Complete Gardener by Monty Don)

Every so often one is able to discover a true gem of a book. The Complete Gardener by Monty Don happens to be one of those rare reads.

The author covers a year in his English gardens. Though he discusses a number of subjects that you may find in any good organic gardening book such as soil health, seed starting techniques and recipes it is the manner in which he presents the material. Monty Don is an inspired man with a fantastic sense of humor, a depth of knowledge, and truthfully is as talented with the pen as he is in the garden. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, not to find yourself motivated by his appreciation for the smallest details of gardening. Our family garden has experienced a number of small but significant changes stemming from his influence. We now have more established boundaries and paths in the gardens. We have embraced the idea that it exist well beyond the summer and though we have long dreary winters it is possible to stimulate the senses visually with a well planned garden. It has also reaffirmed my own philosophy that an individual should work with nature rather than attempt to conquer it.

Now the beauty of this 440 page book is that it is actually a reasonably quick read. I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed reading every word of the book, even the sections that really had very little to do with my own gardens whether due to budget or location. He is certainly a land steward and someone whom any good gardener should familiarize themselves with.

Aside from being a gardener and author Monty Don is also host of the television show "Fork to Fork" which I think is a great program. Here is a sample clip dealing with herbs. Happy Reading!

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