Book Review (Canning & Preserving by Ashley English)

I recently finished reading Canning & Preserving by Ashley English. This is one of a number of books English has written in the Homemade Living series. This 133 page book is a helpful guide for those interested in food preservation.

One of the aspects that I enjoyed about the book is that it set up so that the reader experiences quick burst of meaningful literature. The layout reminded me of a blog or a website and in this particular case that is not a bad thing.

The book covers everything from equipment needed to the science of canning safety. It also contains recipes and up close portraits of those who have experience canning. Descriptions and techniques are provided for jams, jellies, preserves, marmalade and fruit butters as well as conserves and curds.

This book is certainly worth having on ones bookshelf regardless of your interest whether it is health, cutting food cost or self-sufficiency this short read covers it.

Ashley English can be found on a number of social media sites. Here is the link for her website.

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