Long Island Cheese Squash

The Long Island Cheese Squash, a moschata, is one of the oldest squashes to be selected and bred for the consumption of humans and their live stock. Moschata squash in general are favored for pumpkin pie because they tend to be a bit less "stringy" than other varities.

Originally we ran into a bit of difficulty with all of our squash because the mounds that they were planted in were not allowing the proper drainage. The majority of the original plants developed rot but a small handful of the cheese squash and a few butternuts survived and eventually thrived.

Our cheese squash used a choke berry bush as a trelisse this year which helped keep the 10 lbs. veggies off of the wet autumn grass. We harvested our first just a couple of days ago.

Winter squash is packed with helpful nutrients, one of the most predominate being beta-carotene.

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