Golden Sweet Pea (2)

On July 1st 2009 an entry was posted about the Golden Sweet Pea if you are interested in additional information on this vegetable.

Last year we attempted to start saving our own seeds. The Golden Sweet Pea was one of the two items that we were able to succesfully develop seed stock with. We did place another order for seeds with the Seed Savers Exchange just to strengthen this years yield since we had no idea how strong our seeds would be the first time around but it turned out not to be neccesary.

You can plant your peas as soon as you can turn your soil in the spring. Peas are a great nitrogen-fixing, green manure crop. A little trick with peas that we are going to incorporate this year is a spring and mid summer planting. The spring crop will be partly for eating and partly for seed stock while the mid summer planting will provide a fall harvest of peas. Since peas tend to do well in cooler temps this is a great way to double up on your crop and a way to use empty space in your garden from earlier harvest while adding nutrients to your soil.

Last night for dinner we picked a few pods and put them in a fresh garden salad. An easy crop to grow that boasts great rewards.


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