The Joy of Keeping Chickens by Jennifer Megyesi , A Book Review

 "There are as many ways of looking after poultry as there are fashions in childrearing. Pick a system that suits you and enjoy yourself, ignore the avian mother-in-laws tut tutting away." ~Francine Raymond, The Big Book of Garden Hens, 2001~

This winter Santa was kind enough to leave a copy of Jennifer Megyesi's book "The Joy of Keeping Chickens: The Ultimate Guide to Raising Poultry for Fun or Profit" in my stocking. This 256 page informational book is published by one of my favorite new publishers Skyhorse Publishing,

Jennifer Megyesi along with her husband and son owns Fat Rooster Farm in Royalton, Vermont.

The book provides a very straightforward format covering all the aspects of raising a flock of your own. Everything from housing your birds to showing them in exhibition is covered. Layers, broilers and fertile eggs are all part of the dialogue as well. Jennifer Megyesi has a holistic approach to her farm and animals that shines through in her writing. It is one of the reasons I really enjoyed this book and was able to read through it so quickly. She cares about the land, the animals and her customers and it shows in her literature. I also really enjoyed the short journal entries that appeared throughout the text providing the reader with a more empathetic view into her world.

I highly recommend this book to those of you who are considering raising hens. In my opinion, well worth the time and money.

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