Buy Local

For some buying local is a way of life. For others it is an afterthought. I would like to take just a moment to pursade you to buy more items locally if you are not already doing so.

Those of us who live in poor rural economies depend on the odds and ends that help us get by. Consider buying veggies from a local farmer or gardener, even if they are not advertising you may be suprised to find they have extra items to sell. Think local in terms of what makes your community or state unique. Here in southern New York state we produce some mighty fine maple syrup. Consider purchasing cut flowers from neighbors, eggs from small farms, honey products, meat/polutry, and even livestock are all available. Lets cut out the rather lazy habit of going to mega-stores for something we can get right in our community. Chances are it is fresher and healthier as well.

Gardeners are creative folk in general and tend to have extra harvest available or make items from their own garden. Herbs, goats milk soap and even local hops for brewing beer are available if one looks hard enough.

The next time you are in need of an item that is easily available on a supermarket shelf ask yourself if a local artisan potentially produces the same item. It keeps your money local which is certainly important but it also plays a role in keeping small mom and pop businesses alive and maybe even thriving.

Tobias Whitaker blogs for Mother Earth News and Grit Magazine. Click on the Mother Earth News logo at the bottom of the page for all of his post. You can also find him on Facebook at Seed To Harvest: Bossy Hen Homestead which is a central location for his homesteading blogs and his homeschooling blog, A Mile In Her Shoes: Tales Of A Stay-At Home Dad found here


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