Book Review (Seed Saving and Sowing by Carole B. Turner)

"Before the seed there comes the thought of bloom." ~E. B. White~

Storey Publishing is quickly becoming one of my favorite gardening resources. This time around I want to recommend their book Seed Sowing and Saving ~Step by step techniques for collecting and growing more than 100 vegetables, flowers and herbs~ by Carole B. Turner.

This happens to be another book that I recently picked up from our local library. This 217 page book is full of information for the backyard gardener interested in the world of heirloom seed saving. The book is basically broken up into a few main sections; annual vegetables, biannual and perennial vegetables, annual flowers and biannual and perennial flowers. It dedicates a page or two to each vegetable, flower or herb giving a description of how to successfully sow the seed and nurture the best plant for your own seed stock and then how to harvest and preserve your seeds. You will quickly learn what plants are easy enough for a beginner to tackle and what plants may take a little more experience to breed seed from.

An interesting approach in the book was to educate the reader on exactly how specific plants are pollinated. Knowing whether your particular crop is wind, self or insect pollinated goes a long way in garden arrangement and successful fruit production.

The book is illustrated well and is set up for easy reference for both the novice and the expert. Eventually I would like to add this book to my personal collection. This is a must read for anyone interested developing your own seed stock.


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