When we moved into our home the backyard was completely overrun with vegetation from the neighboring forest, bamboo, which is still a problem in spots, and thorn bushes had become well established. In my process of purging the backyard from its previous owner I discovered that a tiny herb garden had been planted next to the back porch. I had actually found out by accident after I had dug up some chives that were hidden within a tangled mess of plant life. I decided to leave this small area alone and see what took shape. I’m glad that I did because one of the hidden treasures was a patch of strawberries.

I have always found it reasonably easy to grow strawberries. Aside from the chipmunks and slugs enjoying them as much as we do they seem to do alright in most of the weather conditions that we face and they make a nice addition to the corner of my wife’s herb garden. In fact nowadays our strawberries are looking pretty healthy. Every year we replace a few old plants with some new ones, normally we try to put in the ever bearing variety, and they continues to produce delicious fruit all throughout the summer.

We all know that strawberries are delicious but let’s quickly talk about some of the health benefits. They are a great source of Vitamin C, which is a well known anti-oxidant. Strawberries also contain Vitamin K and Potassium; this may be a good place to mention that Potassium is a very important mineral in your body for proper function of all your cells, tissues, and organs. You can also get your Vitamin B5 and B6 from these delicious little fruits.

So with that said what is not to like? There are a variety of methods for growing strawberries but I promise you that you really do not need to get too fancy to enjoy these mouth watering treats!


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