Golden Sweet Pea

Kent Whealey of The Seed Savers Exchange (which I highly recommend for seed stock) can take credit for bringing this interesting variety of heirloom edible-podded pea to the states. Story has it that while Whealey was in a market in India he came across the golden sweet pea. As far as I have been able to gather this is the only yellow pea in their catalog and may be unique in the world of peas as well.

The golden sweet pea is a cool season vegetable that when properly trellised can easily grow to 6’ tall. The Seed Savers Exchange describes the flowers as “beautiful two-toned purple”. They really are eye catching and create a nice contrast to the green foliage of any garden. The pods are bright lemon yellow and recommended when small. You should be able to harvest within 60 to 70 days. Our kids sampled the first of our crop last night to astounding review.

Interestingly enough a serving of peas contains almost 51% of your daily serving of Vitamin K. Vitamin K is responsible for maintaining proper bone health. It is also a healthy source of dietary fiber, Vitamin A, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C.

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